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Frequently asked questions about our services.
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Something you should know about videography...

At SCP we know that you have a lot going on and that planning a wedding can be stressful.  That's why we display our rates easily on our site and offer event packages as low as $800 and commercial packages as low as $100!  We're all about accessibility.  While other videographers won't even get out of bed for under a couple of thousand dollars we genuinely want to make videography as accessible as possible!  Don't regret not having video to look back on your special day.  It captures the moment in such a special way.  Video is also becoming a must have for businesses to stay relevant.  With Shattered Chandelier Productions we make it easy and affordable!  

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  • Is the video going to be HD?  What's the process like?
    • All of our video is shot in high-definition quality, with wireless mics, shotgun mics, and high-quality audio.  We currently can even shoot in 4K but we are not offering that level just yet as the file sizes are quite large.  Long story short - your videos will be of the highest professional quality.
  • What will my video look like?  Do I get a say on the end result?
    • During your free consultation we will go over your unique style --- including the details most important to you and special touches that you would like for us to capture or focus on and so on.
  • How long will it take to get my DVDs or commercial ready - aka final product?
    • Generally, for event videography the turn around is one to four weeks.  For commercials the turn around is generally much faster depending on the end product needed.
  • Do you provide lighting?
    • We use additional lighting only when necessary.  I generally prefer not to be intrusive and capture the moment as it is for event videography but if I think it could help I have portable lighting I keep on me just in case!  For commercial - absolutely.
  • How many cameras and videographers do I get?
    • I generally use two to three cameras and microphones for multiple shots at multiple angles at all times.  It will usually be myself and one other person assisting and manning the equipment.  The idea is to stay out of the way while capturing everything in detail.
  • Can we pick the music for our video?
    • Yes.  This can easily be arranged and we can discuss it during your free one hour consultation although there are some limitations due to copyright issues.
  • Does the videographer interact with guests?  What do they wear to the event?
    • This is another element we can discuss and customize in your one hour consultation.  Generally, I wear Sunday best attire that usually consists of ergonomic boots and simple black clothing.  The idea is always to be non-intrusive.  However, if you're having a themed wedding I'm happy to accommodate attire requests if I can!
  • Can we get the proofs or raw footage captured in addition to the final product?
    • Absolutely, although there is an additional charge for DVD, memory device and compilation.
  • Do we own the video?  Will you use it on social media?
    • Generally, we do request that we are able to use the final featurette for my portfolio but this is up for discussion during our consultation.  You will own the final edited product.
  • When do we pay for the services?
    • For event videography half of the cost is required to book the services.  This is non-refundable as I may decline other events on this date to secure the date of your event.  The remaining amount is due two weeks before the event.  For commercial services the cost is generally required at the time of booking.  My preferred method of payment is through a secure PayPal invoice but I can also take check, credit or debit.
  • How can I reach you?
    • Please feel free to reach us by e-mail - or call (608) 385-0917.